Now That You Are an Empty Nester, would a Single-story Home be Better for You? #sherriecholsrealtor

Now That You Are an Empty Nester, would a Single-story Home be Better for You? #sherriecholsrealtor

All my GenX friends, now that you are an empty nester sad the kids are gone but happy about the pay raise, would a single story home be better for you? You’re wondering what the next steps of home ownership look like for you. Hi, I am Sherri Echols, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Bryan – College Station and I’m here to help!.

For some empty nesters, owning a two story home with extra bedrooms is just a bunch of extra work. You may be expecting to help your parents soon and having a second main bedroom downstairs would work better for them.

It might be the perfect time to sell your house and RIGHTSIZE to a single story home that will fit your family and future self needs better.

One story homes are in demand so you will be glad to know that the number of single story homes being built today has risen, improving your odds of finding the perfect home for your changing needs.

According the National Association of Home builders “Nationwide the share of new homes with two or more stories fell from 53% in 2018 to 52% in 2019,

while the share of new homes with one story grew from 47% to 48%”

What are all the benefits of buying a one story home and why are they so popular with us GenX people and other cool generations?

1 – They are energy efficient and less expensive to heat and cool than two stories

2 – They are easier to maintain – generally cleaning requires less effort. No dragging the vacuum and laundry baskets up the stairs

3 – They are accessible for everyone from young children to those of us with cranky knees

4 – And they usually have great resale value because they are so in demand

If you are thinking of right sizing into that perfect one story home, let’s connect so we can make that opportunity a reality for you. I’m your Community Market Leader Sherri Echols, a helping hand for a happy home.

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