Are Your Neighbors Talking About You? #sherriecholsrealtor #bryancollegestationrealestate

Are Your Neighbors Talking About You? #sherriecholsrealtor #bryancollegestationrealestate

CURB APPEAL!! Can it make or break the sale of your house? YES! Hi, I am Sherri Echols, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Bryan – College Station.

Making a good first impression is absolutely important and it makes a huge difference. Why? You ask? The market is shifting, there is more competition for sellers, because there aren’t as many buyers.

If the front of your home is a hot mess, it won’t matter how fabulous the inside of your property is. If your home looks terrible on the outside, some buyers will just say “Pass.”

So, let’s review a few things you can do to spruce up your curb appeal.

#1- Get rid of the cobwebs, barn swallow nests, mud dauber nests, and wasp nests. You don’t want your home to look abandoned on the outside.

A good power washing will help eliminate the webs, nests, and general grime from the exterior of your home and leave it clean and shiny.

#2- Get rid of the plastic furniture. Yes, plastic furniture is affordable and easy to care for, but it lowers your curb appeal, trust me. According to Catherine Mack, co-owner of the House Buyer Network,

“If you cannot afford to replace plastic furniture with high-end pieces, it is best to store them away when not in use and until your home is sold.” This means that less is more!

#3 Clean windows and shutters. As a busy homeowner, you probably don’t notice how dirty the windows or shutters get. But, a potential buyer will notice.

Dirty windows can make a home’s exterior look old and unkempt, and they show up in pictures inside. Clean the windows for extra sparkle and to let in all that natural light!

#4 – Clear the driveway of old cars, junk, and trash cans. Nobody likes to see a bunch of junk in a driveway when they pull up to a property, especially buyers.

Move the cars somewhere else and pull the trash cans to the side yard or in the garage if possible. If you have the budget, resealing your driveway is an easy and affordable way to eliminate oil stains and cracks.

At least have the power washer clean the driveway when he’s done with the house.

#5 – Spruce up the front yard with some mulch. Having to redo landscaping can be very expensive. Most of the time, just throwing down some mulch in areas that need attention can do wonders and add freshness to your yard.

Most of the time spiffing up the curb appeal costs more in elbow grease than in dollars. Another great trick is to put a fresh coat of paint on the front door. A little paint makes a big difference.

Every house and person is different, let me help you with the greatest ROI projects to get your house ready for market. You may feel stuck trying to decide what to do to get the house dressed for selling. Call me, I can help you with your overwhelm!

I’m your community market leader Sherri Echols, a helping hand for a happy home.

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