5 Upgrades to Pass on When Building A Home

When buying a new construction home it’s easy to get shiny object syndrome and blow your budget on upgrades that aren’t going to add the most value to your home both for when you live in it and when you’re ready to sell it. Hi I’m Sherri Echols, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Bryan – College Station. If you missed my last video, I discussed the 6 upgrades that will give you the most bang for your buck. In this video I’m going to discuss the 5 upgrades to pass on if you’re thinking in terms of overall value. 1. Wood floors. This might be an unpopular opinion but wood floors are expensive and they are prone to scratches and wood damage. Laminate flooring or even tile flooring looks just like wood these days but is significantly more affordable and scratch and water resistant. 2. Light fixtures. The standard lighting fixtures offered by builders are nothing special and if you look through their options of upgraded lighting fixtures those generally aren’t that exciting either. Have your builder put in the standard fixtures and then swap the out later as you find fixtures you like from other sources. 3. Master bedroom bump out. Additions to the master bedroom add the least value of all the most common improvements. It will typically cost you around $5,000 and only adds a few extra square feet. 4. Marble countertops. Marble has been a trendy option for kitchens but it’s actually a poor investment. It incredibly porous meaning it will chip and stain easily. Opt for quartz which is a bit more expensive but nearly indestructible or granite which is much more sturdy and durable. 5. Crown moulding. This is an expensive upgrade for how easy it is to install. While it’s aesthetically pleasing, it adds little to no value to the home itself. Instead spend your money on upgrades that really count. This is Sherri Echols, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Bryan – College Station and if you’re thinking of purchasing a new construction home, let me help guide you through the process from start to finish so you’re making the best investment. For a personalized tour of homes available for you, call me today, I am always here to help. And As always, make it a great home buying and selling day.

5 Upgrades to Pass On When Buying New Construction Homes
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